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Immune Boosters 

Daily dose of vitamins

Resist Pak


Vitamin C 500 mg / 30 Day Supply 

Zinc Sulfate 220mg / 30 Day Supply


Shipped Directly To Your Home  


Image by Adam Śmigielski

Vitamin C Immune Booster IV Drip 

1000 mg Vitamin C Immune Boosting 

IV Drip 

$99.00 Single IV 

$189.00 Two IVs

Orange and Coconut

Vitamin C 


Single Injection $19.00 

Pack Of 10 $124.00 

Can Be Completed In The Office or Taken Home

 High Doses of Vitamin C and Zinc can increase Immune Resistance, enhancing the body's response and ability to prevent or reduce the presence of illness and disease. 

Ready To Get BOOSTED ?


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