Medical Weight Loss

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Prices starting at $139

Teeth Whitining 


Prices starting at $129

Medication Assited Treatment

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Maintenance Program- $125

Cryo T-Shock 


Prices starting at $399

Primary Care

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Prices starting at $75

Testosterone Replacement                     Therapy


Prices starting at $199/month

Tri-Amnio Therapy 

Lipodissolve Mesotherapy

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Lipodissolve is a way to help reduce the amount of fat in various areas of the body including arms, abdomen and back.

*Price Varies*

Tri-Amnio Therapy 


Drug and Syringe


Sermorelin & others

*Price Varies*

Tri-Amnio Therapy 

Medical Aesthetics 

Botox Injections


Dermal fillers- Lips/Cheeks 


*Price Varies*

Tri-Amnio Therapy 

Tri-Amino Therapy

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These amino acids work together to promote physical strength, endurance, and enhanced athletic performance.

                 Prices: $149/8Pack

Tri-Amnio Therapy 

MIC Injection/Fat Burner

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MIC injections twice weekly while dieting allow you to lose an additional 1-2 pounds per week. They help to raise energy levels while experiencing beotter cognitive function.

   Prices: Starts at $120/8 Pack

Tri-Amnio Therapy 

Vitiamin D Injections 

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 Vitamin D is needed for maintenance of strong bones, immune system function, improving mood regulation,  and potentially reducing pain.

        Packages start at 4 for $80