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Weight Loss Tips

In the U.S 1 in 6 adults are obese! Look around its not only you thats overweight but it's MANY. I have put together some tips to follow to help you in your weight loss journey! #Yougotthis!!

What are your weaknesses?

Identifying your weakness to weight loss is key. It keeps you from engaging in activities where you can’t make much impact. It provides an opportunity for others—people with the very strengths you’re missing— to contribute such as a coach. This strengthens your chances of success.

Tip: Don't completely take all joy away when dieting. Set realistic goals. Instead of 3 slices of pizza Im going to have 1 and a salad!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Are you eating enough? Most people just don't eat or eat the wrong things!

  2. Are you participating in these fab diets that only provides temp loss?

  3. Are you dedicated?

  4. Set goals---- Realistic Goals!!

Call us to meet with our physiologist for a detail diet/exercise regimen!

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