Medical Weight Loss 

Experience Matters

Our weight loss program was developed around evidence based research to ensure you are getting the results you deserve. With over 20 years of combined experience our weight loss program is safe, proven effective, and  results driven. Your progress is monitored by a medical provider to ensure optimum care and support so you can reach your weight loss goals. 

Our Program Is Structured Around Three Phases 

Phase One: Active Weight Loss 

This is the phase for healthy weight loss.  You will stay in this phase  until you reach your desired weight.  In this phase, you will feel hungry before meals (but not starving) you will have good energy, sleep well, and see a steady rate of weight loss.



Phase Two: Metabolic Phase  

Following the active weight loss phase, your body needs to recover your metabolism back to it’s normal rate.  This is achieved through nutrition by adding foods back into your diet to ensure your metabolism stays high. This is a key component that is almost always overlooked in current weight loss programs and is the main reason individuals gain their weight back. 

At this phase you have achieved your weight loss goal and we want to make sure you keep the weight off.  During this phase our staff gives you the skills necessary to incorporate proper nutrition and physical activity into your lifestyle to maintain your weight loss. 

Phase Three: Maintenance Phase  

What To Expect On Your First Visit

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Meet With The Medical Provider 

Routine blood work and an EKG is completed, along with vitals, body fat analysis, and measurements to track your progress. During your meeting with the medical provider the objective is to uncover any medical barriers that may hinder the weight loss process. The medical provider will also determine and prescribe which medications and supplements are best for you during the initial Active Weight Loss Phase. This may include appetite suppressants to  curb your appetite and assist you with eating the proper foods and portions.

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Meet With Exercise Physiologist 

The Exercise Physiologist will be your personal Weight Loss Coach and will educate you on proper nutrition and exercise along with supporting you while you reach your weight loss goals. 

Weekly Check Ins

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Along with receiving your weekly B-12  Injection you will meet with both the medical provider and the Exercise Physiologist to track your progress and ensure you are progressing towards your goals.


On average you can expect to lose between 15 to 20 pounds in the first month.  

If you would like to lose between 25 to 30 pounds the first month HCG injections can be combined with our medical weight program to kickstart your weight loss. 


The medical provider may recommend adding HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to your weight loss program if your goal is lose 25 to 30 pounds the first month.


HCG is a complex amino-peptide protein that exists in every tissue of the human body in minuscule amounts and is found in all living things. Using HCG for weight loss is a proven, scientific and medically based solution that is completely safe and highly effective when prescribed and supervised by a medical provider. 

The mechanism of HCG assists in removing the stored fat by liquefying the fat cell contents and utilizing it as energy, then ridding the fat through the body’s own elimination process

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